DRESS CODE - with The KIDS KARATE Club Programs
A Black (With The Karate Club Official Logo Only) Uniforms are required to attend 
All Kids Karate Club Class Locations- New Students can purchase the official Karate Club Uniforms 
on our web site and from all class location supervisors at your class (Sorry there no exceptions)  - See More

If you should have questions about our uniform 
code please e-mail us at info@kidskarate.com

Become a Parent Helper in class with your child all you need is a Karate Club Programs Branded Uniform and there no charge for class it's Great Quality Time
Great Quality Time with your child
Karatekas wear a gi, an outfit consisting of black, loose-fitting pants and a jacket for freedom to move their 
arms and legs freely with various Karate techniques 

along with the strong motivation of the atmosphere the gi possesses and cinched closed with a belt
There are no refunds. If you haven’t picked up your uniform/item, you can exchange it for another kids karate item or you can have a kids karate club credit that can be used for up to 2 years.

We're the Original Kids Karate Club Programs established in 1990 
We empower all of our students with Confidence, Self-Esteem and LEADERSHIP 

One of Illinois Largest Anti Bullying Programs